I grew up in the U.K. And was subjected to racial and sectarian prejudice all of my life there.

Hate speech - whether it is racially based, sectarian or based on sexual or gender identity is not always obvious, but it is insidious, soul-destroying and painful to those who suffer it. I was born in Scotland to an Irish Catholic family and one of my abiding memories was being asked at every job interview as a teenager what school I went to, knowing if I gave the name of my Catholic school, I would not get the job. I moved to England and spent the next 40 years being called a "sweaty sock", being told I lived in England and should go home if I didn't like being called names. I came to Australia, partly, to escape all that - but I find Australia is largely the same. Racism is rampant, but everyone indulging in it claims they are not racist, they are just having a laugh.